Why do I take all these pictures???

I see/discover  pictures everywherInstagrame.

But why isn’t it enough to store these impessions in my brain, why do I have to share them on SmugMug, Instagram and Twitter??? Publish BLURB-books and send articles to photography magazines (I have got a few published)???

On Digital Photography School I found this  that partially answers my question:

Perhaps there is a deeper psychological explanation. Our time on this earth only lasts for so long, and a camera allows us to preserve memories far past when they might have slipped our mind. It helps us pass those memories into the hands of future generations. Our photos are little legacies of the life we have lived – our travels, experiences, food, family, friends, work relationships and more. Each photo is a window into a moment, and the collections of images we take over the years are a window into who we were and what we valued. Ultimately it comes down to a simple truth – seeing that moment captured makes us genuinely happy.

Photography should make you happy. Never let someone impede on your personal happiness. You love HDRs and someone else doesn’t – who cares? You are enamored with landscapes but your friends think they’re droll – don’t let it bother you. You’re a fashion nut but no one gets your style – just keep being you. Enjoy your photography for what it is – your own. Know that not everyone will appreciate it, but if it personally fulfills you, that’s all that truly matters. Be true to yourself and you’ll never regret a day of your life.

Additionally creative urge is an important impetus (boost) for me.

I’m a lousy drawer and I cannot Paint – my camera is my pencil and paintbrush.

If cut to the bone – ‘struggle for recognition’ (kampf um anerkennung) may be the answer.


Humanist Photography

Up till now I have categorized most of the Pictures I share as “Street photography”. From now on I am going to call it Humanist Photography. I base this on that I primarily want to show:

  1. Human interaction
  2. The beauty of man.
  3. Poetry in life
  4. Humor
  5. Caring

This do not happen only in the street. 🙂

Of course I am a realist and aware that the world is not equitable and that sorrow is more common than joy. I am sure, however, that other channels keep you informed about this.  Keep in mind I’m somewhat naive 😉

Secondly I think and hope it is more easily forgiven if I share an show pictures that the peson depicted would be happy to share her/himself. My dilemma is that it usually not is feasible to get a “model release” from the persons that happens to find themselves in my Pictures.

And, if I should ask permission in advance, I would have no Picture to photograph.

I doubt it is enough, but I have a passus on my sites that say “Please contact me if you find yourself on an image on this website and do not want to be presented at photobeyer. I’ll consider removing it. 🙂 ”

I welcome Your points of view.

My Street Photography

My Street Photography

(You will find Sample-images with comments after this introduction.)

The term
I consider myself a Street Photographer – in a somewhat extended understanding of the term. If you include “people” and “candid” you come closer to where to file me.

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