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I found BLURB some years ago.  It proved to be just what I had been looking for, an easy to use digital book-publishing tool. Very professional with reasonable pricing.

Some of my BLURB-books:

About the Book:
Maitreyee Manglurkar has 23 July 2009, very well described what it’s all about: “Street photography – as the name suggests – literally means shooting on the street. It may be regarded as a close relative of documentary photography. However, there is more to it than just picking up your camera and clicking images on the street. The basic idea of street photography is to capture life in its candid moments. Call it a voyeuristic documentation, if you will. And easy as it sounds, there is a technique and logic behind it as well. And it’s not all about being trigger happy all the time.” Hope MM will stumble across my book City Folk one Sunny Day 🙂

About the Book:
Images of people and places in Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot and Warsaw July 2006 is what you will find in this book. Ill never forget this travel – hope you’ll like it too. March 2013 Stein B-O.

About the Book:
Images from my world – in black and white. As a humanist sees it. Private and universal. I try to be timeless and true to “The decisive moment”.

About the Book:
A selection of Instagrams. Chosen by heart. Nothing more and nothing less. Photos not disturbed by Words.

About the Book:
Besides my Family, Photography is the passion of my life. Very often my Family brings me to places, sights and events where I experience moments worth collecting. Bohuslän in Western Sweden is such a place. Deliberately I have omitted caption with details about time and places. The images in this book is of course my subjective choice. Dream and create your personal visions. Halden in November 2016. Stein Beyer-Olsen

About the book:
Ad lib choice from my Instagramaccount. More “interpretation” than documentation. Colourful and¨”extracted”. Often from iPhone. Treated with Snapseed.

About the book:
I show a Collection of images which I denotes as “Humanist Photography”. Intended to show and celebrate Human interaction -The beauty of man – Poetry in life – Humor – Caring.

About the book:
Photo-fighting  – I like to fight With my pictures. If I belive it’s possible to squeeze what I saw out of a poor photo, I try “everything” based on my conviction that Beauty, Passion and Expression beat Perfection. The images in this book has ben treated with SNAPSEED and published on his Instagram account ‘steinbeyerolsen’.

About the book:
I welcome you to share my impressions of the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria – tourist and everyday life. Your search for date and place information, will be invain. Turn the pages randomly and create your own stories and pictures. Have a nice trip!




See interview, may make you be braver. 😉

On an 8,000 mile road trip across the United States, photographer Robin de Puy met a boy living in the small town of Ely, Nevada who became her photographic muse. Here, de Puy speaks about her absorbing series and the history of her powerful relationship with Randy.

Video interview with Robin de Puy”


Follow Robin de Puy on Instagram: robin_de_puy



The DOK-festival in Fredrikstad, Norway, is the Norwegian national festival for documentary photography and photojournalism.

The festival is organized by the DOK-foundation and hosted by Pressefotografenes klubb

The festival in Fredrikstad is an event that gathers students, professionals and lecturers mainly from Scandinavia with passion for photography” and me. 😉

“Three days of seminars, presentations and screenings. Artist talks.”

Established 2006.

I have had the pleasure to visit DOK 15, DOK 16, DOK 17 and DOK 18. Incredibly inspiring. I have met and talked to many young photo students and experienced photographers and seen the exhibitions of great national and international photographers.

Interns from the Danish newspaper POLITIKEN are valuable as crew at the exhibitions.

The DOK-festival is centered at Litteraturhuset, Fredrikstad.

Every year you can see the graduation exhibition made by (Norwegian and foreign) students from the bachelor program in photojournalism, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. 2018 they visited China for 7 weeks and documented Chinese everyday life. Presented in the exhibition and book New Era – stories from China.

I recommend taking the opportunity to visit DOK 19, you will not regret it.

Videofilms Lars Dareberg DOK 18.

Some of my impressions:

DOK 15

DOK 16

DOK 17

DOK 18 Siden for norske fotoentusiaster (text in no) er netside som introduserer seg selv slik:

“ er Norges fotoside for deg som er interessert i fotografi og fotoutstyr. Her vil du finne nyheter, omtaler, refleksjoner og betraktninger om fotoutstyr, fotografier, og foto generelt.

Unikt stoff

Her på er det meningen du skal finne stoff som du ikke finner andre steder. Vi satser på å produsere unikt stoff, uansett hva vi skriver om.

Nyheter kommer du også til å finne her, men fremfor å satse på å være først, vil vi forsøke å finne unike vinklinger, belyse interessante problemstillinger, eller ganske enkelt hente frem nyheter som vi føler vi kan tilføre noe til.

Å være først ute med å melde om Hong Kong Cameras sitt nye kompaktkamera i rosa og mintgrønt vil vi holde oss for gode til å bruke tid og krefter på.

Når vi skriver om fotoutstyr, enten det er nytt eller gammelt, vil det være fordi vi synes det er spennende og interessant, og noe vi ville ønske å lese om – ikke fordi en eller annen markedsføringsnisse mener vi må. Her er det nemlig fotonerdene som bestemmer!” drives av Are Thunes Samsonsen, Eivind Hauger, Paal Harald Mork-Knutsen og Toralf Sandåker.

Sidene er for fotoentusiaster og jeg gjetter på at navnet f32 er inspirert av Group f/64.

Ansel Adams var sentral i f/64 og gruppenavnet henspeiler på at man tilstrebet optimal (muligens også maksimal) skarphetsdybde.

På sidene finner du fra tid til annen også interessante “Blogcaster” hvor driverne drøfter tekniske og generelle Fotografi-spørsmå. Give it a try!

The Photographer Knut Koivisto

Cut from Profile on
Knut Koivisto works in Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s most respected portrait photographers. In the beginning of 1997 he started his own studio concentrating on corporate portraits and as a still photographer on Swedish major movies and television dramas. Knut Koivisto’s no-nonsense portraits of Sweden’s glitterati and top magnates cut through egos, forced poses and projected personalities, right to the very heart and soul of a person. To put the person at the center and capturing a sense of reality is central to the way Knut works.

Knut teaches at Fotografiska Akademin, where he leads popular workshops in portrait photography. He has also lectured and held classes abroad, including Norway, Denmark, Germany and Japan. The switch to digital photography and the possibility with the emerging social medias has also become a great interest for Knut Koivisto. And in addition to regular workshops in portrait photo he also holds workshops in mobile photography.

KK is Fuji Ambassador and on Instagram. There is where I found him in December 2017 searching which camera should be my next. He provided first class advices and I ended up with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujifilm XF 16-55 mmf/2.8 R LM WR. Admittedly a bit over my budget, but I do not regret the investment. It’s a superb tool. The 16-55 is “not small”, but the advantage is that it stay on the camera allways. No dust on the sensor!

After my first inquiry, KK has been so kind and adviced me in other matters related to the mystery in how to realize oneself through photography. 😉

By following Knut on Instagram I have discovered his qualities and skills and standing among photographers.  In addition to being a respected portrait photographer, KK is a gifted Street-photographer, and it is as such I feel most “related” to him.

KK ran @fotografiska Instagram between October 2012 – September 2014. When he started they had about 1.400 followers, when he left it had increased to about 25.000. Since then he has also visited LensCulture, Fujifilm Nordic and @fotografiska Instagram (again May 2018).

FOTOGRAFISKA Wall of Fame by Knut Koivisto is his project in collaboration with FOTOGRAFISKA. It’s about the photographers who have exhibited at FOTOGRAFISKA throughout the years.

At Fotografiska Academy he is running a portrait workshop (del 1) and a Master Class Portrait Workshop (del 2).


on this blog > Fotografiska

Their official web-site > Fotografiska

If you want to be Inspired and learn some trade-secrets – follow my advice follow Knut Koivisto on Instagram.

Peter Fransson Platinum – Palladium process (text in no)

Peter Fransson Krokstrand 31052016 P1080014

Peter Fransson på Krokstrand – fotokunstner og globetrotter.

Fotografen Peter Fransson er bosatt på Krokstrand som er det nærmeste man kan komme Norge og fortsatt være bosatt i Sverige. (Fjorden deler vi.)

Som Haldenser og en som i mange år har vært lidenskapelig opptatt av foto, har det vært lett også å søke mot Sverige for å utvide fotohorisonten. Opp i igjennom årene har jeg funnet mye “gull” der.

I påskeuka 2015 besøkte jeg en utstilling med bilder av fotografen Peter Fransson hos iFotograf – Marco Jaconelli – i Strömstad.

Peter driver Platinum & Palladium Studio på Krokstrand. I tillegg til å fremkalle og kopiere egne bilder etter Platinum – Palladium prosessen (som daterer seg tilbake til midten av 1800-tallet) har han workshops og “Platinum Printing Service” (

Peter i labbet 2

Fotografjobben kombinerer han med jobb som plattformsjef  i Nordsjøen. Dette gir ham tiden som behøves for at han i perioder helt kan hengi seg til de omstendelige prosessene og til reisene sine. Det siste er han også er engasjert i sjokoladeproduksjon.

Peter har bodd 4 år i China. Der samarbeidet han bl.a. med den kinesiske fotografen Liu Dadi om å lage verdens største Platinum & Palladium print som ble solgt til private samlere og firmaer. Han har vært i USA i perioder fra 1997. Peter har tatt en Master i Alternative Photo i Santa Fe og New York med Paul Taylor.

Mange av de vakre portrettene hans er fotografert på reiser i Nepal, Etiopia (Omo Valley) og China.

Peter reiser alene med guide og det synes i bildene at han bruker tid på å se og få kontakt med menneskene han fotograferer.

Foruten at bildene har en nyanserikdom og lyster som kun Platinum – Palladium prosessen gir, gjenspeiler bildene en ekthet og viser mennesker som ønsker at deres personlighet og levesett skal bli kommunisert til oss.

Peter forteller alvorlig om de umenneskelige ritualene rundt de såkalte Minigi barn som bygger på at barn med fysiske abnormiteter er urene, besatt av onde ånder og bærer på en forbannelse. Han kom i kontakt med dette på en av sone mange reiser i Afrika. Faktisk kan en bagatell som feil tannstilling føre til at et barn blir erklært Mingi. Det samme gjelder f.eks. også barn født utenfor ekteskap. Som en følge av dette, blir barna satt ut i bushen uten mat og vann for å dø. Denne praksisen ble offisielt fordømt i juli i 2012, men praktiseres fortsatt i hemmelighet.

Hjelpeorganisasjonen Omo Child er dedikert til å ta vare på og hjelpe Mingi barn.

Peter donerer 20% av salget til de 43 Mingi Barna som bor og lever på barnehjemmet Omo Child i Jinka, fordi han ønsker å gi noe tilbake for det Etiopia gir ham av opplevelser.

De fleste av Peters portretter er fotografert ved besøk i de lokale stammene, men også spontant ved å stoppe langs veien. Bildene virker allikevel «uoppstilt» og utstråler en spesiell nærheten til menneskene han fotograferer.

Bilder Peter Fransson Krokstrand 31052016 P1080023

© Peter Fransson

Peter bor på Krokstrand, vis avis Bakke, i et «steinhoggerhus» bygget omkring 1850. Hele huset er preget av virksomheten han driver, reisene til fjerne strøk og en gedigen interesse for fotografi og kunst. Han har et eget nybygd fotolaboratorium et lite steinkast fra boligen.

Høsten  2016 var han i Mongolia for å besøke Reindeer Tribe og Golden Eagle Tribe og levde med dem en måned.

I april 2018 stilte Peter ut i Galleri Sinisha i Strömstad.

Peter kan treffes på telefon +46 (0)705369912 og email

“…the private, intriguing, strong visual interpretation”

the Magnum Agency siteHonoree Małgorzata Niezabitowska is the award-winning co-author with her photographer husband Tomasz Tomaszewski of Remnants – The Last Jews of Poland, one of the first books to recognize and explore contemporary Jewish life in Poland, Solidarity activist, and a Council Member of the award-winning Museum of the History of Polish Jews, whose core exhibition opens in October (2014) in Warsaw. National Geographic published a cover story about Remnants in September 1986, when Niezabitowska was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard; but until now, she has never publicly told the story of how the manuscript was smuggled out.

NG forside september 1986

I happened to read the above quoted article back in 1986 and had the courage to contact Tomasz Tomaszewski in 2008 after a visit to Poland:

For some time ago I came across your and your wife’s article The Last Jews of Poland in National Geographic.I found it very interesting. Last May I gave it away to a Polish friend, living in Sopot. Her husband has Jewish roots. My wife and I were fortunate and had the chance to visit Poland with some friends in 2006. We had a great week. I bought a book, “Poland 1946” by the American photograph John Vachon, in Warsaw. I only know Polish history from your article, Vachons book and a visit in Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego. I’m a devoted amateur photographer constantly striving to be better and “crack the code”. I’m always looking for potential mentors who might be willing to give me some feedback. I admire your work. May I ask if you would be so kind and spare me a moment of your time and look through my “Poland Gallery” and, give me your honest opinion and if I may hope so, an advice on how to progress.Kind regards, Stein

I think more People than me should read TT’s answer and advice to me:

Dear Mr. Stein,
thank you for your email. I’m late with the answer because I was away for a month on a trip to Africa. I’m back now going rough may emails, so the answer to yours will be quick. You should come to one of the workshop I do with National Geographic. The next one is in Tuscany, Italy in May. You should look at the NG site to see the Schedule. You know a great deal concerning the technical aspect of photography, but your pictures are more of a document of how things look like rather then the interpretation of them. It is 21 century, so we pretty know how the planet looks like but what remains interesting is the private, intriguing, strong visual interpretation. Look at the Magnum Agency site, or the site of agency VII and you will understand what I’m talking about. Or simply come over to the workshop. All the best to you,

I never did go to Tuscany, but I have I’ve kept his advice in my mind.Remnants

“The Last Jews of Poland” – This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS Device.