2018_05_18 Leser bok DOK 18 DSCF3855The DOK-festival in Fredrikstad, Norway, is the Norwegian national festival for documentary photography and photojournalism.

The festival is organized by the DOK-foundation and hosted by Pressefotografenes klubb

The festival in Fredrikstad is an event that gathers students, professionals and lecturers mainly from Scandinavia with passion for photography” and me. 😉

“Three days of seminars, presentations and screenings. Artist talks.”

Established 2006.

I have had the pleasure to visit DOK 15, DOK 16, DOK 17 and DOK 18. Incredibly inspiring. I have met and talked to many young photo students and experienced photographers and seen the exhibitions of great national and international photographers.

Interns from the Danish newspaper POLITIKEN are valuable as crew at the exhibitions.

The DOK-festival is centered at Litteraturhuset, Fredrikstad.

Every year you can see the graduation exhibition made by (Norwegian and foreign) students from the bachelor program in photojournalism, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. 2018 they visited China for 7 weeks and documented Chinese everyday life. Presented in the exhibition and book New Era – stories from China.

I recommend taking the opportunity to visit DOK 20, you will not regret it.

Films on YouTube

Lars Dareberg
great storyteller/photographer/film-maker, filmed DOK 17 and DOK 18. Enjoy!

Film DOK 17:

3 films DOK 18:

Lars D July 15th 2019: “Jag har med en bit om DOK:19 i den här filmen också :-)”

Some of my impressions:

DOK 15

DOK 16

DOK 17

DOK 18

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