Humanist Photography

Up till now I have categorized most of the Pictures I share as “Street photography”. From now on I am going to call it Humanist Photography. I base this on that I primarily want to show:

  1. Human interaction
  2. The beauty of man.
  3. Poetry in life
  4. Humor
  5. Caring

This do not happen only in the street. 🙂

Of course I am a realist and aware that the world is not equitable and that sorrow is more common than joy. I am sure, however, that other channels keep you informed about this.  Keep in mind I’m somewhat naive 😉

Secondly I think and hope it is more easily forgiven if I share an show pictures that the peson depicted would be happy to share her/himself. My dilemma is that it usually not is feasible to get a “model release” from the persons that happens to find themselves in my Pictures.

And, if I should ask permission in advance, I would have no Picture to photograph.

I doubt it is enough, but I have a passus on my sites that say “Please contact me if you find yourself on an image on this website and do not want to be presented at photobeyer. I’ll consider removing it. 🙂 ”

I welcome Your points of view.


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