Allen Ginsberg.

AG signerer bok0303

Allen Ginsberg

I visited Tronsmo Bookstore last thursday 2012.06.07. According to Allen Ginsberg it is “The best bookshop in the world”. He was so kind to let me photograph him (in another bookstore) in Oslo back in 1993 and  Then I did not know who he was, but I looked him up an got curious and even mailed him the prints. After a while, in May 1996, I received a note from his Assistant, Peter Hale,  including a letter and drawing by AG . As far as I can understand, AG was one of (if not the) most influencial poet(s) in the second half of the last century. I encounter his name “everywhere”. The Norwegian poet Jan Erik Wold once said to me (in Fredrikshalds Teater in Halden) that AG was “Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson” of the US. My pictures of AG is also listed in Guide to the Photographs by and relating to Allen Gisnberg.

Wish I could talk with him. He died of complications of liver cancer on April 6, 1997 age 71.

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