Abbas – Children of Abraham

2007_01_17 Oslo Nobel Pease Center _MG_4836

Children of Abraham
The Iranian Magnum photographer Abbas  (29 March 1944 – 25 April 2018), promoted dialogue about religion, peace and conflict in an exhibition at Nobel Peace Center, Oslo 5 May 2006 – 19 May 2007.

My ‘thank you note’ to Abbas:

“I write to tell you that I Tuesday October 10th had the great pleasure to see the exhibition ‘The Children of Abraham’ at The Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo. It had a great impact on me. I paused contemplating before several of your photos; they touched my heart and soul.  Apart from the human relations and manner you have seen and captured, your use of light is absolutely astounding. My personal ‘choice’ (if I may) are Chine Kashgar (street and people), An Ugur makes noodles, Representant of the Black order, British Muslim convert prays at home (it feels very wrong not to mention 20 more).  Before I left, I bought your book ‘Children of Abraham’ and found this salutation: ‘For the friend unknown, Abas, Oslo 8/10/06’. Now you know who I am. I whish you luck in your future struggle for peace and in capturing the nature of man.
Warm regards …”

His interesting and thought-provoking reply:

“My exhibition was not meant to struggle for peace – in fact it is meant to show the brutality of religion as an ideology… but if it can work for peace, even unitentionally, why not ? regards a.”

ABAS left us on April 25th 2018. Rest in Peace.

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